Hp 12cp Financial Calculator

it was firstly introduced in 1981, made by Hewlett Packard(HP). There were at least eight hardware revisions of the HP-12C since 1981.HP-12c is HP's best and longest selling product,
the proprietary silicon on sapphire processor's technology has been redesigned to integrate all the circuitry into a single chip (first the 1LQ9, then 1RR2)[1] and to refresh the manufacturing process
The calculator ran 60-90 times faster on most benchmark operations the mathematical and functionality built by William Kahan and Roy Martin there are still in use today.
it is very useful for financial calculations and easy to operate. It is Based on the same processor, In 2011 a limited HP 12c was introduced, It's a 30th-anniversary edition.[14] Only 40,000 of this model were made.
The HP-12C is only four calculators permitted in the Chartered Financial Analyst exams.

HP 12c platinum

The HP 12c Platinum which is very similar in appearance and functionality to the 12C, and is designed to mimic the 12C at the same time extending its capabilities in various aspects.
The calculator was introduced in 2003, is described by its silver-colored upper half as opposed to the gold-colored plate on the original 12c. the First HP-12C platinum version did not have parenthesis which leads to some drawbacks. since 2005 new version of HP-12c with parenthesis which helps to enhance the Hp-12c.In 2006 Hewlett Packard (HP) established limited edition of 12c platinum to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the 12c's introduction. The HP 12c also has a parenthesis feature.
In 2007 latest version of HP-12C was introduced .it features are two parallel rather than only one cell.
In 2008, the HP 12c prestige was published .it features like the gold colored plate but is like the fourth HP 12c platinum model.
There are five variants of the HP 12c Platinum.it has larger memory and a faster processor.
>High Quality and Durable F2231AA#ABA, # 2073274
>it is portable with good design
>efficient to use
>small in size easy to carry anywhere
>over 120 built-in function
>long battery life
>robust and versatile

>Every product may have some drawbacks so as HP-12C have drawbacks
it might produce inaccurate results sometimes

it is a perfect fit to finance, banking and business studies calculate the values and find out the output.it has a 120 built-in functions.
it has date arithmetic, undo and backspace keys. There has now a new advanced feature editing tool like "Undo" and "Backspace" buttons.
it is comparatively faster in speed for calculating TVM, loan payments, interest rates, standard deviation and more. Work more efficiently with memory for up to
80 cash flows. this calculator helps you perform several key functions to make calculations, calculate a percentage. It is very useful for educators, businessman.
it's weight about 116 g 4.09 oz with batteries.1 power-CR2032 battery.it's the enclosure material is place

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